During the holidays I went to the movies in Palmerston North with my friend Ethan to see the move Johnny English reborn.

Before the movie had started we were bored so we started to throw bits of lollies at all the other people in the cinema since we were at the back no one could see us, then his dad joined in with the throwing of the lolly’s and we hit a couple just a bit further down then us and they did not look to happy.

Then the move started and for some reason Ethan and I had a laughing fit and we could not stop but then we got told to shut up by some old guy so we did and we watched the movie.

when we left we walled down the street to get to the car and on the way we saw lots of cars coved in beard poo  when we got to the car it was not caved in beard poo so we got in and went back to Marton.

In the end it was a really good move and i think you should watch it to.

winter tournament

On Tuesday last week the Year 7 and 8’s went to the winter tournament for ripper rugby.

When we got there we found out that we had not bring a rugby ball or the ripper tags and the balts. Mr v called Mrs T and she came down with the ball, tags and the bats so then we went over to the filed and got ready for the games.

Our first game we versed Kapiti school and we won. Out of all 9 games we won 5 and lost 4 and came 4th  out of 8 places.

Compared to last year it was all right but if it was muddy it would have been a lot better and funer.

Relief print making

Equpmint : roller x2 – printing ink of your chose – polystyrene – paper the same size as the polystyrene – newspaper- pen – pen sill – cellared paper.

step 1. drawer the paten/pitcher of your liking onto the paper in pen sill.

Step 2. Put the paper onto the polystyrene and go over the pattern/picther in pen.

Step 3. take the paper of and and go over it again but not to hard so it douse not go throw the polystyrene.

Step 4. go over the polystyrene with the printing ink on the roller.

Step 5. pout the printing plat face down on the coloured paper  and flip it over then roll it with the clean roller.

Step 6. take the printing plat off and live it to dry.

the marae trip

About 2 weeks ago the school went to the Hongoeka marae. When we got there all of us had to stay out side of the marae because we had not been invited on yet. While we were waiting to go onto the marae  we went to the beach just next to the marae.  Andrew was kicking at the rockes and his shoe came off and went into the sea. After he got it back he was soaking wet about 2 or 3 min later we had to get ready to go onto the marae.

When  you go onto a marae the older women go at the front with the girls behind them at the back are the men with the older ones at the front and the boys at the back.

When we got called on and we replied then we went onto the marae atea. We went to the opposite side to our hosts and then the powhiri. the first speaker was from the other side and the one of our 2 speakers got up.  Then we had the 2nd one of our speakers. Itwas all in maori so I could not under stand it at all.

Later on we went up to the wharekai for some morning tea. Afterthat we went down to the paua farm and we were told about the life cycle of the paua and we got to see where the paua were grown. When we got back it was lunch and then the kids from year 1 to 5 went back to school and the year 6,7 and 8 stayed.

Later on we had to set up the wharenui for the night ahead. After we had put out the matresses, we set up our bed then Mr Gunson told us about the history of the marae and what all the carvings meant.

Later on we had free time and we went to the games room, it was real fun. Later that night when we went to bed it was really noisy. There were a lot of people who where pretending to fart. It took for ever to get to sleep because of the noise and the gate light which was shining straight into my eyes and some kids would not be quiet.

The next day we woke up at about 7 because it was getting so noisy and we all got up because Mr Elms turned the lights on.We all went up and had breakfist and we all went and started to pack all of our stuff for the long walk ahead.

Later on  we had to go and start walking to the train station. It took for ever to get there and then we found out that we were going to the beach for lunch and we spent about 2 hours there and then we went to the train staion. About 10 min after we got there the train arrived and we got on. It tooh a while to get back to Paraparaumu and we went back to school. We got back with 30 min until we could go home we went onto the computers and played games until we could go home.


“How long is this going to take I’m getting bored.”

It was Waikanae pool day and we had to wait for the races to finish before we could go and play in the pool.

I got quit bored waiting for the races to finish but when they did i ran and got right into the pool it was not as cold as i thought it would be. As soon as i got in i started to play.

after a wile i got bored and went to get some food from the shop at the pool even tow we were surpost to before we went i didn’t. i got 4 zombie chews and half an hour later josh bit into one of his and his tooth came out his last baby tooth.

When i got back into the pool i found out that the water slid was open so i went and waited in line after a wile i got to the  top and it was my tern to go down but first we had to wait 10 Seton’s then we were aloud it was dark but fun wen i got to the bottom i almost knocked k the person in front of me of there feet. i spent allot of time on the slid about an hour later we were told to go and get changed and that we were leaving soon.

when we got back to school we played until the bell rang and we were aloud to go home and i was sun burnt badly